Pfister Werkstatt by Krafft Basel

Just feel like you are at home but concentrate on the essential things without any distraction and use the given space just the way you need it.

Inside the historical building and at the foundation place of Moebel Pfister new rooms for workshops, seminars and meetings are situated. Pfister Werkstatt presents itself as a platform for diversified (re-)orientations and intellectual games of every description due to various possible settings and being affected by an uncomplicated feeling of comfort far from classic structures.



Special offers

Whether it's a suggestion from us or something completely individual: The transformable Pfister Werkstatt is capable of more than you might think at first glance. The best meetings usually start with a fruit break – the vitamins to bite into are on the house.



The name says it all – It was Johann Jakob Pfister who laid the foundation for today's company Moebel Pfister in 1882 with the opening of his factory and a shop. We included the special history of the house in designing the rooms in cooperation with Moebel Pfister and Bravo Ricky.



Jessica and Petra will assist you with the organisation.

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