Modular Rooms


The values of Pfister say: "Home is where I can orientate myself." 
In cooperation with interior designers Bravo Ricky from Basel and Pfister we created spaces which convey the uncomplicated feeling of comfort from home on the one hand and work as a platform for (re-)orientations of all sorts on the other hand. Far from classic seating arrangements and structures, Pfister Werkstatt can be used as a dynamic creative space for workshops, brainstormings, seminars or meetings in different settings.

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Main Room «1882»

142 m²

The room for big ideas and countless possibilities. The Main Room presents itself anything but classic with its listed painted ceiling and flexible structures. With its different settings and being affected by the charme of baroque paintings on the ceiling the Main Room offers the platform for inspiring discussions and invites to create a constructive idea workshop.

Red Room «Johann Jakob Pfister»

Ca. 30 m²

That's the place you can still feel the innovation spirit, drive and courage of the founders. The Red Room lets ideas flow and gives a euphoric dynamics to your creativity with its half-timbered wall and the red paintings from 17th century.

Let's try it with a brainstorming on the whiteboard in this room and develop something new together - the quantity is still unknown.

White Room «Margaretha Pfister»

Ca. 30 m²

This room wraps you in a soft white cloud which keeps you away from any optical distractrion. A room to think and concentrate on the essential things. It gives your thoughts the essential clearance to unfold their full potential. In the same time it lays the foundation for innovative perspectives and targeted concepts on which you can focus and discuss strategically.

Kitchen Club

That's the place where an unhurried break between presentations and brainstormings can be enjoyed - fully homelike in the kitchen. Tell each other about your day, have a coffee, take an apple or pamper yourself with an ice-cold coke from the fridge. Pause for a breath, stock up on energy, sit comfy in the armchair and chat about the newest Netflix series - and let's go for creativity afterwards again.

Room rent und Brainfood

In a modular way you are able to choose your brainfood for in between. Let it be Basic, Detox, Superfood or Powermix - you have the choice between different combinations. We take care of your lunch or even an aperitif or dinner after your intensive day too if you like. 
Do you have questions about room rent or conditions?

Don't hesitate to contact us personally and we tell you more about our possibilities.