It was Johann Jakob Pfister who opened a factory connected to a shop in 1882 in the historical building from the 13th century and laid the foundation for the company Moebel Pfister in the same time. Until the First World War the original bedding and furniture shop had developped itself to a reputable business building in which the today's swiss furniture store Moebel Pfister arose. 


It still exists a listed wood ceiling from the 17th century with colourfully baroque ceiling paintings. It covers 140 m2 and it one of the biggest intact listed ceilings in Basel.


In May 2019 we could open our new workshop space at the founder's place of Moebel Pfister. The name itself is to be reflecting the past with history and the purpose of creating and developping something. Within Pfister Werkstatt we combine history with modern spirit.

Home is …

The values of Pfister say: "Home is where I can orientate myself".
In cooperation with interior designers Bravo Ricky from Basel and Pfister we created spaces which convey the uncomplicated feeling of comfort from home on the one hand and works as a platform for (re-)orientations of all sorts on the other hand.